Bed & Breakfast | Landes | Château S
Bed & Breakfast | Landes | Château S
Bed & Breakfast | Landes | Château S
Bed & Breakfast | Landes | Château S
Bed & Breakfast | Landes | Château S

The foundations of the Château Saint-Martin de Pouillon go back to the 14th century. The main part of the property kept the outside appearance of the 18th century building. Until the 20th century the castle was used as a holiday place by an organisation called “Saint-Vincent-de-Paul” that took care of orphan children.  In the park you can find several hundred years old trees of different specimen including a small river that passes in between.


Our project is based on the idea to create a place where calm and nature dominate while offering you a warm and personalised welcome. In twenty minutes distance you can find the beaches of the Landes, the Basque country and in around an hour you are in the Pyrenees.   


You have the possibility to swim in a nice and big swimming pool, completely renovated and surrounded by the magnificent park with the castle.

We are a Belgium-Portuguese couple in its forties and we have two kids Mila and Elioth of 12 and 4 years.


We want to privilege the well-being of each of our guests, so that everyone can feel as at home in a fantastic and appeasing place.


We dispose of 3 bed & breakfast rooms, 1 holiday home and 3 huts (soon available).

Welcome at the Château Saint Martin!


Mila, Elioth, Sophie et Pedro

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Tables d'hôte

Tous les vendredis - 20h00

Venez partager notre table d'hôte autour d'un repas de grande qualité

Réservation obligatoire pour jeudi soir

25€/adulte et 10€/enfant sans boisson

petit dej 7-07.png

Petit-déjeuner gourmand

07/07/2019 - 10.00 à 14.00

Venez profiter d'un petit-déjeuner gourmand salé-sucré

15€/adulte et 8€/enfant

atelier 15-06 v2 FB.png

Atelier cuisine enfant

15/06/19 de 10.00 à 15.00

Vos enfants (5 et 10 ans) sont fans de cuisine? Inscrivez les à ce cours de cuisine!