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What to do around ?

We are located at the border between the 3 regions of the Landes, the Béarn and the Basque country.  


You can find around the Saint Martin castle a vast variety of activities in a close perimeter. You can spend your days at the beach of the Atlantic Ocean, in the mountains of the Pyrenees or visiting a market in a Béarn village or in the Basque country or even participate in a corrida during the summer.

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

The Ocean and Beach

The closest beaches are the ones from Hossegor and Capbreton. The Atlantic Ocean is located at around 40 minutes car drive. You can therefore easily go there and relax or go for surfing.  

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

Dax and its sources

Dax form the main thermal destination in France.  The thermal station of Dax is specialised in rheumatology and since some years also proposes a solution for those who suffer from fibromyalgia.

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'


Bayonne, capital city of the Oays Basque, is located at around 40 minutes from Pouillon. Accommodating, with a human touch and cosy, we felt in love with this town where we let us drift through the small pedestrian streets full of shops and Basque restaurant where you can find excellent food.

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

The markets

There are several markets, each day of the week  around Pouillon where you can buy some local products and specialities

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

The Pyrennées

We are located closely to the Pyrenees. The first villages and mountains of the Pyrenees can be reached in a bit more than an hour drive. There are a lot of excursions that we can recommend. Do not hesitate to ask us further advice as we are fans of the mountains:

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

Walks and bicycle rides

Several hiking trails have been indicated by the commune, the department and the region. We have at your disposal brochures, maps and explanations if you want to explore the region on footh or by bicycle. 

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'


Biarritz is located less than an hour from our place. We are not going to present you this town in detail, which is most known for its beaches ideal for surfing. A must-go during your stay with us. Its aquarium is very interesting, and you will find out new things there.

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

Horse riding

If you are interested, we can recommend you centres specialised in horse rides where we have contacts with to take the whole family or your kids on a horse or pony ride.

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'


The thermal spring facilities of Salies-de-Béarn dispose of more than 150 years of experience. The unique mineralisation provides the basis of medical facilities to help against and prevent rheumatology, gynaecological problems and woman’s sterility.

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

Nautical activities

We are surrounded by rivers such as the “Adour”, the “gave de Pau” and the “gave d’Oloron” in which you can swim. You can also rent kayaks at the Abbey Sorde (Sorde l’Abbaye) to go down le gave d’Oloron.

san sebastian.jpg

San Sebastian

And if you want to go a bit further, you can also discover in a bit more than an hour, San Sébastien in Spain, which is a town open to the sea. As soon as you arrive in that town, you will feel that you are in a foreign country with a different atmosphere. Among others, you can enjoy beaches, shopping and tapas.

Château Saint Martin Pouillon Chambre d'

The small farm of Pouillon

In the commune of Pouillon, a pedagogical centre of 4 hectares can be found which is open during the whole year and allows your kids (and the adults too!) to find out about the animals of our regions in a very nice set-up where you can take your time to touch, feed and observe the animals. We recommend you this visit if you travel with kids of whatever age. 

Château Saint Martin Pouillon
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